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Welcome to our website! If you're looking for quality dental products, then you've come to the right place. We are a dental manufacturing company that specializes in all types of dental tools and accessories. Take a look at the high-power micro motor units that we have available. We have motor units that are capable of an RPM of 32,000, 35,000, and even 40,000. Customers have also been pleased with our A.M.D. 337-III Model Electric Milling System, our A.M.D. Hydraulic Press, as well as our A.M.D. 10X Microscope.

About Us

A.M.D. Dental is a wholesale dental manufacturing company that provides dental equipment, tools, and accessories. For over 20 years, A.M.D. has been meeting the needs of dental professionals worldwide by providing the highest quality dental supplies. Located in the New Jersey area since 1993, A.M.D. has manufactured a variety of products for countless individuals and companies.

Our company specializes in all types of dental supplies, including high-power micro motor systems, milling machines, waxing units, 10X microscopes, hand grinders, and a variety of other products. Please take the time to look through our extensive inventory of items. If you would like to order a catalog, please click here.

A.M.D. also provides quality support for it's products. With an excellent repair and factory-supported service center located in the U.S., customers can always contact us for equipment support and repairs. To learn more about this service, please click here.

At A.M.D. we continually strive to serve more and more customers with our low-cost, quality products. A.M.D. participates in multiple conventions, lab shows, and other dental events every year, so please come visit us. For more information on all A.M.D. news and events, click here.

A.M.D. Dental is currently located in Highland Park, NJ. At our New Jersey location, we have a sales department, a factory-supported repair and service center, and a warehouse of all our products.

Our current address is:

A.M.D. Dental Mfg., Inc.
318 Cleveland Ave.
Highland Park, NJ 08904